our double chain bracelet with three dangling charms. angel wings, a dagger crystal and a beautiful micro pave sun charm
A double chain bracelet designed with our paper clip and wheat chain with three dangling charms, 2 gold angel wings, a crystal of your choice and a cz diamond sun charm.
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel

Crystal Angel

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If you Love Crystals, Angels and the Energy the sun gives us than you will love our Crystal Angel Wing Dangler Bracelet.

Double Chain Bracelet has a 24k Gold Plated Faceted Crystal, Angel Wings and a Cubic Zirconia Sun Pendant 

Six Crystal Options Available to choose from. 

Green Apatite. Lolite. Blue Topaz. Smoky Topaz 

The Crystal Angel Bracelet was inspired by all the Beautiful Angels we have in our Life, present or past. Angel Wings are very special as it is a symbol of Angels that symbolize protection, purity, courage, LOVE and harmony. They provide us with Happiness, Hope, and Faith. The Sun Represents Life, Health, encourages creativity and power to meet Challenges in their everyday life. The Crystals transparency allows the light to shine in and becomes a healing power in our life.

Dagger Crystal Size: Approximate 1 1/2” long (Blue Topaz. Lolite & Apatite)

Smoky Topaz Tear Drop Crystal Size: 

Swiss Blue & Sky Blue Size:

Angel Wings Size: 1 1/4” 

Sun: 3/8” 

The Double Chain has two different chain styles and are Gold Plated.

1. Paper Clip Style and the Bicycle Style. ( as shown on this Angel Wings bracelet)

2. Paper Clip Style and the Rope Style. ( as shown on the style with the padlock)

• Gold Filled Clasp Clasp 
• Electro-Plated Chain 

6.5” with Extension 

7.5” with Extension 

8.5” with Extension

Crystal Color Options:

Green Apatite Crystal Dagger: Is a Blue Green Color

Blue Topaz Dagger: Is the light blue option and

Lolite Dagger: Is the light purple option. 

Smoky Topaz Tear Drop: Is the brown 

Swiss Blue Oval: Is a blue green 

Sky Blue Oval: is a light Blue