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a double chain bracelet with either our paperclip rolor chain and wheat chain or paperclip rolor and bicycle chain. three dangling charms of a padlock, angel wings, crystals, diamond charms and a sun charm option. a few cystal opetions of blue swiss, english blue, green apaptite, blue topaze and iolite
Crystal Lock
Crystal Lock
Crystal Lock
Crystal Lock
Crystal Lock
Crystal Lock
Crystal Lock
Crystal Lock

Crystal Lock

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If you Love Crystals and all things beautiful than you will love our Crystal Lock Dangler Bracelet.

The Double Chain Bracelet has a 24k Gold Plated Faceted Crystal. Six Crystal Options Available to choose from.
Green Apatite. Iolite. Blue Topaz. Smoky Topaz. Sky Blue. Swiss Blue
The Lock Symbolizes Strength, Security and Love that lasts an Eternity 

Dagger Crystal Size: Approximately 1 1/2” Long / 33mmx13mm (blue topaz. lolite and apatite)

Smoky Topaz Tear Drop Crystal Size: 

Swiss Blue & Sky Blue Oval Size:

A 24k Gold Plated Padlock and a Cubic Zirconia Pendant 

The Double Chain has two different chain styles and are Gold Plated.
1. Paper Clip Style and the Rope Style. ( as shown on this style with the padlock)

2. Paper Clip Style and the Bicycle Style. ( as shown on the Angel Wings bracelet) 

• Gold Filled  Clasp 

• Electro-Plated Chain 

6.5” with 1" Extension 

7” with 1" Extension 

8” with 1" Extension

Crystal Color Options:

Green Apatite Crystal Dagger: Is a Blue Green Color

Blue Topaz Dagger: Is the light blue option and

Iolite Dagger: Is the light purple option. 

Swiss Blue Oval: Is a blue green