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Diamond Love Necklace Stack
Diamond Love Necklace Stack
Diamond Love Necklace Stack
Diamond Love Necklace Stack
Diamond Love Necklace Stack
Diamond Love Necklace Stack
Diamond Love Necklace Stack
Diamond Love Necklace Stack

Diamond Love Necklace Stack

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This diamond love stack is a beauty…she’s feminine, modern, elegant with the perfect amount of glam!!! Designed to empower you, protect you and make you feel Golden! She holds beautiful symbols of love, protection & more to remind you of those meanings or possibly something that you are looking to manifest!

The evil eye is a symbol of intuition and protection and is said to bring good luck and protection to its wearer. It guards you from nefarious forces and misfortunate happenings in one's life. 

The hamsa is a protective talisman that brings blessings, good fortune, health and happiness 

I designed the Agnes Evil Eye to gently touch the Hand of Fatima so when you hear the two pieces clinking together It’s a reminder of the beauty and symbolic meaning that each pendant holds. 

This stack includes a Love, Evil Eye & Hand of Fatima. The Symbol meanings & details are below. Designed & Styled to be worn together & also style beautifully alone. 

Love Pendant…Speaks for its self and is on our beautiful 14k gold filled dainty rectangular cable chain - 25x8mm Diamond Love Pendant 24k Gold Layered Demi-Fine over Copper 

Hand of Fatima/ Hamsa Charm - Symbolizes protection and brings good fortune, health and happiness. The hamsa is primarily used to protect its owner from the Evil Eye. The charm is on a 14k Gold Filled petite oval link chain. 

Agnes Evil Eye Pendant - Symbolizes Protection from the Evil Eye, it brings good fortune, health and happiness. The Micro Pave Diamond is 26x16mm  24k Gold Layered Demi Fine on our 1mm 14k gold filled box chain.

Three Sizing Options to choose from.

Option 1: 

• Approximately  15 1/2” - 18 1/8”

Option 2:

• Approximately 16 1/2” - 19 1/8” 

Option 3: 

• Approximately 17 1/2” - 20 1/8” 

Option 4:

• Approximately 19 1/2” - 22 1/8”

•  ADD-ON our 14k Gold Filled Layering Clasp to prevent your necklace clasp from moving and to minimize tangling. We also have an 18k Gold Layered Layering Clasp, see Accessories or Layering Clasp 

• Cubic Zirconia Diamonds  

• Pendants are Gold layered 

If you would like to create a Stack with different pendants please contact us and we can create something that is a reminder of what you want to manifest!

• the necklaces in these images can also be ordered individually 

- Diamond Love Necklace 

- Agnes Evil Eye Necklace 

- Diamond Shield Necklace 

- Hand of Fatima Necklace 

• Additional necklaces shown in these images are the 26” Diamond Mallorca Protector Necklace & 24” Personalized Luck & Protection Clip Chain