A Necklace that is Elegant, Classic, Modern & Unique. Gold Filled chain link w/ Circular & Rectangular links combined. The round gate clasp that holds the Eye of Ra charm opens so that you can add more charms, change the charm or remove it to wear it as just a link necklace. The Clasp is available in yellow gold filled and we also offer the gate clasp in white gold filled as an additional item. See Gold Filled Gate Clasp 12mm
This makes for a Beautiful Gift as it can grow with the person whether they add another one of our pendants or they collect other pendants though life, travels, from the special someone in their life! It's a timeless piece that can be treasured for a long time to come! Love it, embrace it and it will love you back xo
Louvre Eye of Ra  Necklace
Louvre Eye of Ra  Necklace
Louvre Eye of Ra  Necklace

Louvre Eye of Ra Necklace

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Louvre Eye of Ra is a symbol of intuition and protection

The conversion link was designed so that you can style your necklace 4 ways with or without the drop and with or without a pendant or with different pendants by easily changing them on your own! 

  • The 12mm Gate Clasp that holds the pendant opens so you can change out the pendant, add more or wear this chain as just a link necklace! see photos.
  • Eye of Ra 26x17mm
  • Handcrafted 18 Gold Layered Links over Brass, a process of many layers of gold over the brass
  • 3/8” chain width 
  • 16” - 20” Lengths