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“The day I found out I was pregnant with my now 4 year old son Lucas Love, was the day I knew that designing jewelry was my calling”

My husband and I had been trying to conceive – it wasn’t until we took a vacation to escape our stressful work life in New York that I became inspired by a piece of jewelry that influenced me to start designing jewelry with my husband. Designing and making jewelry relaxed me and just a few months later we found out I was pregnant with my now 4 year old son, Lucas Love – this was not only the happiest day of my life but also the day that I knew designing jewelry was my calling. 

I believe that jewelry is an extension of one’s soul and wearing jewelry that makes you feel and look good can shape or manifest your reality. My approach to design is intuitive, the connection is key to creativity and that’s how I tap into my customer’s desires. Through personal connection and inspiration I design beautiful pieces that add value to my customer.

Symbolic Jewelry, Inner Beauty and Empowering Women are just a few things that will never go out of style…Symbols of love, protection, luck, life, courage are just a few that I tap into when I’m designing. Everything that I design is thoughtfully created and grounded in my dedication to my core values. An Elegant, classic, modern, chic style with that bit of Boutique Suarez Co. edge. My creative energy is pulled from inspirational people; places, the arts just to name a few. I'm also naturally drawn to an old European style, as if I’ve lived there in my past life. In my designs and the way I style pieces you will see that I mix modern and antiqued styles, I just love how the two play together. In the collection I have jewelry designed to be worn in layers or to stand out beautifully on it’s own. One thing we never have enough of is time so it’s important to me to have pieces available in my collection that I’ve already designed and styled for you, like my necklace stacks that you can just throw on without thinking about it and feel complete. I also have a beautiful assortment of interchangeable pieces. I was inspired to design interchangeable pieces to fit into my work/social lifestyle. Style a necklace and earring one way for work and elevate that look with one simple step for you social life or those evening work events without having to go home. In the collection you will also see “build your own” link chains with sparkling charms that allow you to express your own style. These pieces also make for a perfect gift to commemorate new beginnings, weddings, birthdays, bat mitzvahs, births, new jobs, second marriages, and all meaningful life transitions.

Styling with a high, low technique has always been in the core of how I style myself or a space. If it speaks to me and I connect with it then I use it in my styling. It can be a $10 white tee from Zara styled with a Gucci purse…it’s more about the connection and what makes me feel good. I mix fine jewelry with demi and semi-fine jewelry, as long as they are styled properly it will look good every time! I use this technique on everything. Express yourself with what you love, with what makes you happy and what makes you feel beautiful and empowers you on a daily basis. It could be multiple rings on one finger, hoops with a statement choker. For me it’s a mix of elegant, classic and chic with a dab of edge and I believe you can accomplish this vibe in your everyday style of jeans and sneakers to an elegant dress for your evening date, cocktail party or gala. Color inspiration always plays a part in my daily styling, the colors that I chose to wear can set the tone for the rest of the day and the jewelry that I wear brings me inspiration and helps me to manifest my daily intensions.

I'm a Long Island, New York native and lived most of my adult life in New York City. I come from a family that loves to travel and was fortunate enough to start traveling the world at a young age. Traveling and living in New York City has definitely played a big part of who I have become today. I always lead with kindness and I treat people the way I would like to be treated. I always keep an open mind and see the full picture, even the nooks and crannies...

People’s positive vibes and a love for life have always energized me. As an empath and spiritual healer we can also be affected by people’s vibes so music, dancing, singing, embracing my inner child among other techniques is truly important to my empathic soul. I believe in the power of positivity, surrounding myself with positive, like minded loving people is at the core of importance, it’s part of my foundation and my intuition guides me there…negative energy messes with my mojo so I chose to stay away from it. Sending and receiving positive energy is part of my daily routine, as is energy healing to cleanse my soul of energy that is negative or no longer serves me along with more traditional practices of healing, like meditation, tennis, anti-gravity yoga, spin and of course I would do the flying trapeze everyday if it was closer to my home!

My mission is to design and create affordable, stylish jewelry that empowers and inspires woman of all ages and cultures around the world.

My vision is to become a lifestyle brand that is inspiring and empowers people to become their best self through design and style. To express our designs and style through jewelry, handbags, shoes, clothing and home goods all while giving back to like-minded woman so that they can become who they want and to be where they were meant to be.

Core values set the foundation and one of my core values is family, for me family doesn’t have to be a blood relative or the people or person that raised you but instead the people you have chosen to surround yourself with. When I was designing my logo I was focused on the love I have for my husband and my son Lucas. I wanted to create a symbol of love, unity and family that could resonate with everyone. This symbol is the core of Boutique Suarez Co. and can now be found in a few of our medallion designs. A few other core values are passion, purpose, commitment, trust, honesty, humility, philanthropy, humor, integrity, boldness and innovation just to name a few.

‘96 -‘99 I studied design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and went on to be an Interior Designer & Architectural Design elements expert in NYC for more that 20 years.

Three times in 2020- 2021 I have been fortunate to have my jewelry designs on The Today Show w/ Hoda & Jenna Fashion Segment with Amy E. Goodman.

 * In this image I’m styled in our Louvre w/ Diamond Horseshoe Medallion Necklace and a bracelet stack that consists of the Mallorca XO, Ardon, Lola, Bowie, York, Elegant Evil Eye & Evil Eye Tennis Bracelet.