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Rose Cut Diamonds

The magnificent rose cut diamond produces a beautiful glow radiantly from within. The cut reveals the soul of the stone, emphasizing its unique characteristics and raw beauty. Covered with small triangular facets across its entire top, and typically flat on its bottom. Its faceting is meant to look like the swirling petals of a rose! 

Unique, delicate and radiant, the rose cut is the oldest and one of the most precious diamond cuts from the 15th century. Lesser-known than the brilliant cut but equally as beautiful it has a rich history embodying a more romantic sentiment

With its unique sense of intimacy, celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Aniston have chosen this unique cut. Our favorite royals—Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Princess Beatrice to name a few…

What Is a Rose Cut Diamond?

The rose cut, unlike the standard brilliant cut diamond, does not have a pavilion and, therefore has a distinctively flatter shape. The crown of the diamond is a faceted dome with three to 24 facets (as compared to the brilliant cut’s 57 or 58 facets) often in two rows, with center star facets that make up the top of the diamond and a proportional number of facets on the second row. Since there are fewer facets, rose cut diamonds glow radiantly from within, emitting a captivating yet subtle sparkle rather than the intense shine of a brilliant cut.

The clarity of a diamond is incredibly important in a rose cut. Its flatter, less faceted nature means that any blemishes and inclusions a diamond may have will be more visible; the cut reveals the soul of the stone, emphasizing its unique characteristics and raw beauty. Because there is less brilliance and reflection to distract from such flaws, high quality rose cuts simply require high quality diamonds.

Why is a Rose Cut so Special?

Compared to a brilliant cut that holds its carat weight internally, rose cutshave more “spread”, meaning the carat weight is on the top/face of the diamond, helping it to appear larger. They also sit closer to the skin than other diamond cuts, offering a unique sense of intimacy.

Because of its shape and fewer amount of facets, light streams through rose cut stones in a way that emits a soft glow rather than intense sparkle. So it makes sense that rose cut diamond jewelry is often light, delicate and versatile.

The History of Rose Cuts

The precursor to the now standard brilliant cut, the rose cut has a rich history embodying a more romantic sentiment than other more common cuts. Believed to have been developed in India in the 15th century, by the 1520s, European gemstone cutters were using the cut as the standard for diamond jewelry. As a result, much of the high quality diamond antique pieces available today—particularly from the Pre-Edwardian era when the cut reached its peak popularity—feature rose cut stones.