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How To Clean Your Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry is a beautiful and valuable investment that requires proper care which means it’s a good idea to learn how to clean it properly. This video will show you simplicity of cleaning your jewelry. 

    • To clean your jewelry it’s recommended in the industry to use Mr. Clean (green/ gain scent) Multi Purpose Cleaner /Original Cleaner and very warm water. Soak for about 2-3 minutes, take it out and run it under the warm water quickly. Lay flat and use a soft cloth to pat it dry on both sides. Move to a dry cloth/ paper towel surface and let it dry completely before storing or wearing it (I usually let it sit overnight). I recommend doing this once a week. 
    • When you are not wearing your jewelry, it should be stored away out of the Environments or in the Boutique Suarez Co. pouch provided.
    • Exposure to air, light and humidity can cause your jewelry to tarnish over time so keep it in the pouch and store it away in a dark place.
    • Our jewelry is not meant to be in contact with water, perspiration, and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, perfume, detergent, oils, salt water, body or suntan lotion.
    • Put your jewelry on after applying your makeup, hairspray, perfumes and lotions have been fully absorbed into the skin. 
    • When doing chores take off your jewelry as chemicals in soaps, detergents and cleaners can impact the plating.
    • Take off your jewelry before a shower, swimming or exercise.
    • Wipe down or clean your jewelry frequently to get rid of pollutants. It will also prolong its life. Do not Brush or Rub the jewelry when cleaning. Do not use a jewelry cleaning cloth. Just a regular soft cloth or cotton ball will do to pat down the jewelry. 
    • Keep jewelry from rubbing and friction as it will cause the piece to wear down quickly. This can happen when you layer and they rub together. It’s best to wear one piece of jewelry at a time.
    • Overtime jewelry may become duller, depending on what it is exposed to
    • Semi-Fine Jewelry is not meant for an Everyday wear. 
    • Each individual will have a different outcome on how long their jewelry will last due to care, maintenance, type of jewelry purchased and how your bodies chemistry reacts to jewelry.
    • Please take care of your jewelry