Diamond Mallorca Sorte Necklace - Eternal Love
Diamond Mallorca Sorte Necklace - Eternal Love
Diamond Mallorca Sorte Necklace - Eternal Love
Diamond Mallorca Sorte Necklace - Eternal Love
Diamond Mallorca Sorte Necklace - Eternal Love
Diamond Mallorca Sorte Necklace - Eternal Love

Diamond Mallorca Sorte Necklace - Eternal Love

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Elevate your Aura through Style and bring Positive Energy to your Beautiful Soul

The Eternal Love medallion is a beautiful symbol of the eternal bond of love between beautiful souls and the eternal love you have for yourself. Put your intentions into the piece and every time you wear it you’ll think of that intention. 

Guided by intuition the Diamond Mallorca Sorte was designed to bring you Protection, Wholeness and connect with your souls purpose. Attract Abundance and Manifestation. 

With a modern foundation of Classic, Chic Elegance, this necklace styles beautifully from Casual to Cocktail.

Positive symbols that protect and resonate with your beautiful soul. Let that positive energy flow through you. Let it empower and protect you. Feel your Beautiful Aura being elevated to the next level and start attracting what it is that you want in life!


Symbols serve as a reminder that everything you want is already within you and they bring… - positive energy to your soul - reduce intake and protect us from negative energy in the body - boost your personal aura. 

• Evil Eye is a symbol of intuition and protection and is said to bring good luck and protection to its wearer. It guards you from nefarious forces and misfortunate happenings in one's life. 

• Hamsa is a protective talisman that brings blessings, good fortune, health and happiness 

Product Details: 

• 12mm Clasp that holds the Eternal Love Medallion opens so you can switch out your Pendant and style it differently whenever you feel like it! 

• 24k Gold Layered Mallorca Links 

• 925 Sterling Silver Gold Layered Eternal Love Medallion is approximately 34x29mm 

• Hamsa & Evil Eye Charms: Cubic Zirconia Diamonds

Product Care:

Our Diamond Mallorca doesn't require too much, but we do recommend a few things to get the most and best out of your necklace. 

When you are not wearing your jewelry, it should be stored away out of the Environments in a dark place or in the Boutique Suarez Co. pouch provided.

Put your jewelry on after applying your makeup, hairspray, perfumes and lotions have been fully absorbed into the skin. 

Remove the necklace prior to showering, swimming, exercising and doing chores

Use a cotton ball to pat down your jewelry frequently to get rid of pollutants and prolong its life. 

For a deep clean use Mr. Clean (green/ gain scent) Multi Purpose Original Cleaner and very warm water. Soak for about 3 minutes, gently rub the jewelry with your fingers for a moment while it's in the soapy water to remove the pollutants. Take it out and run it under the warm water. Lay it flat and use a soft cloth to pat it completely dry on both sides. Move to a dry cloth/ paper towel surface and let it dry completely before storing or wearing it (I usually let it sit overnight). I recommend doing this once a week. 

Please take care of your jewelry and if you have any additional questions please see our product care page.